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Eating at Le Cannelle

Eating at Le Cannelle
Eating at Le Cannelle
Eating at Le Cannelle

Let yourselves be captured by the tastes and flavors of the Maremma!

The Maremma relies on its cuisine as part of its identity. Every product is the result of an essential connection of man with his environment to the point of being, more than anywhere else, preserved. Here the value of organic farming takes on cultural significance. It is in a glass of IGT Maremma or Morellino di Scansano wine, in the full flavor of the oil obtained from the centuries-old olive trees, in the fragrant, delicious and delicate citrus, the pride of this land is found.
Club Le Cannelle boasts of a BioAgriCert certified method of production of Olive Oil, Citrus and Sunflowers. The Transparent e-check control too guarantees the production chain's maximum transparency.
Along the promontory where the Club LeCannelle unwinds, a delicious and fragrant citrus grove has found an exceptional micro-climate that is suitable for growth. Bitter Oranges, Red Oranges and Lemons, normally typical to more southern landscapes, occupy with hundreds of specimens, the small valley that runs toward the sea.

Citrus: you will find all the freshness of our lemons and bitter oranges in the organic preserves. Our recipe has much more fruit than sugar and is completely free of pectin. May of our olive trees are centuries-old. There are different examples which are more than 400 years old, and represent a very rare variety of olive tree, that is no longer fit for the market planted along the path of the Park. We obtain an excellent quality of oil from the combination with "ogliastra", the typical, wild olive tree.

Oil: from both the green and ripe tones, it is the essential ingredient for a healthy, light cuisine, ideal for all dishes - both cold and hot. The organic growing and the creation of a system of networks in the production of basic ingredients, together with local, carefully-chosen farms, allows us to offer our clients - among other typical products - local, healthy and fresh products. Working with the vineyards of Scansano, we produce and excellent variety of Morellino and IGT Toscana wine, and natural honey is produced by the bees of local farms.

Wines: from the intense, lightly spiced aroma of the IGT Tuscan to the drier Morellino to cleverly accompany our restaurant's specialties.

Honey: Tuscan honey obtained from the nectar of flowers and plants typical to this territory, obtained without nomadic beekeeping practices or transumanance of the honeycombs following the blooms of the various territories in order to increase the quantity produced. We produce a small quantity of millefiori honey from flowers native to the Parco della Maremma. Millefiori nectar has a typical, very sweet flavor for which it is loved by little ones. An excellent sweetener, thanks to the persistance of its taste, it is also perfect for matching with seasoned and fresh cheeses.

The farm dedicates a remarkable area to the cover crop of sunflowers. This practice is a guarantee of sustenance for wildlife throughout the summer, especially for wild boars and deer, and saves agricultural crops from damage through wildlife in search of food. The cultivation of sunflowers has an important aesthetic and social value. It improves the sense of beauty of a landscape enriched by the harmony between shapes, colours and dimensions. Guests can lose themselves in this landscape, a source of well-being and serenity, for sports, leisure and entertainment.
Sunflowers: non-hybrid seeds that enable us every year to sow our sunflowers. A careful preparation of the seedbed before the sowing. The view of this blooming expanse on the background of the Gulf of Talamone. Small, opportunely packaged seed bags are available for our guests. For their goodness and genuineness, our products deserve to be enjoyed on location, a good reason to visit us and to fall in love with this corner of the Maremma!

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