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Itineraries in Maremma and Tuscany

A vacation at Le Cannelle agriturismo is certainly a synonym of relaxations: the structures immersed in the natural brush of the Maremma and are just a stone's throw from these are the perfect place for someone wanting to "unplug" and live worry-free.
For those wanting to explore the territory, visit cities and villages, unforgettable landscapes and taste the culinary art of Tuscany, there are a number of itineraries starting off at the Club which lead to the discovery of this beautiful land, from Talamone to the islands of the Tuscan Archipelago.

Nature, Culture, Sport and much more

Cocktails in Riserva Marina

Mini-Cruise to Giglio and Giannutri

Departure 9:00 and Return trip 19:00


On crystal-clear waters

Butteri from Maremma in the New York Times

Vacationing with Furry Friends

Trekking and Mountain Bike

Boat rental

The best way to visit all the coves

The Maremma on 2 Wheels

Tombolo and Feniglia Fauna Studies Reserve

Argentario Promontory

Our Beaches

Tuscan archipelago: Giglio and Giannutri islands

Natural Park of Maremma

A Bit of The East on Monte Amiata

Not just relaxation

but plenty of sports too!

Scooter and bike rental

Witch's Olive Tree

International Sculpture Symposium

Symposium Valle dell'Albegna

Yoga Retreat

Tour in Horse drawn Carriage

All different Tours start in the town of Alberese


Above a promontory on the south point of the Mountains of Uccellina...

The Olive Oil

Olives have been cultivated in the Tuscan and Lazio Maremma

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